MKR Dust-Up: Duo Booted From Show After Heated Scuffle

MKR Dust-Up: Duo Booted From Show After Heated Scuffle

An all-female team from next year’s series of My Kitchen Rules has reportedly been booted off the show just four weeks into filming following a physical altercation with other contestants.

In what should make for an interesting debut when the show returns to Seven in late January, the unnamed duo will not be edited out of the first few weeks of the series.

Of the eight couples, three are all-female. Apparently, the show’s sponsors have also been informed of the incident and their eviction from the series.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that an off-camera incident occurred during filming in Launceston between the duo and two male contestants. The reports suggesting both teams had repeatedly clashed from day one of filming.

Apparently, things escalated when one of the men reportedly made disparaging comments about a child with special needs.

A witness to the altercation telling The Tele: “The women were walking past the room that the guys were in … and they said they overheard someone inside saying something particularly insensitive about a young boy.

“The woman then started banging on the door and went them,” the witness said, who also described the feuding couples as pushing, shoving and even spitting at one another.

“Meetings were held almost immediately in Tasmania and again once the cast and crew returned to Sydney,” the unnamed source said. “The decision was then made that one of the contestants in question had most certainly crossed a line. That that behaviour was well beyond the limits of what is deemed acceptable.”

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