Mia Freedman’s Gay Marriage Campaign Mocked As “Clueless”, “Vain” White Privilege

Mia Freedman’s Gay Marriage Campaign Mocked As “Clueless”, “Vain” White Privilege

Mamamia founder Mia Freedman has found herself in more hot water after a well-intentioned Twitter campaign to promote same-sex marriage spectacularly backfired.

Freedman, the founder of women’s website Mamamia, penned an article on Tuesday calling on ‘straight and married’ couples to stand in support of same-sex marriage. Her idea was that married women should photograph themselves pointing to their wedding rings and post them with the hashtag #married4marriageequality.


All harmless and well intentioned on first appearances. However, within hours of the article being published, Freedman became the top trending article in Australia and not for the right reasons.

Critics quickly lambasted the 45-year-old married mother of three for trying to use the same-sex marriage debate to promote herself and her website.

“All together now: You’re so vain & white-feminist-centric I bet you think #MarriageEquality is about you, don’t you @MiaFreedman,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Only Mia Freedman can make marriage equality about straight already married women.”

“That Mia Freedman is really clueless isn’t she?” another Tweet read.

“This is so tone deaf,” another Tweeted.

“Mia Freedman has GOT to be kidding with this. Like, this is next level trolling right?” another wrote.

“Thought marriage equality was about LGBTQI people?? GUESS AGAIN,” said another.

Cue, yet another apology from Freedman via her Twitter account. The apology read in full:  “As a passionate advocate for #marriageequality I believe it’s vital for the straight community and those of us who are legally able to marry to stand alongside our LGTBQI brothers & sisters, sons and daughters, mothers & fathers, workmates & colleagues & fight for their rights.

“Marriage equality is a human rights issue & is supported by the vast vast majority of straight, married people.

“If I inadvertently offended anyone by calling for legally married women to raise their voices in support of those who can’t legally married, I unequivocally apologise.

I was using my public profile to support #marriageequaility as I always have. I’m mortified if that’s been a distraction in any way.

Mamamia & I have worked closely with @AMEquality Marriage Equality for several years & will continue to do so until all Australians can marry.”

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