MessageMedia Launches Mobile Landing Pages

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Global business messaging provider MessageMedia has launched Mobile Landing Pages, a new service that creates a deeper customer experience through extending SMS messages to a personal landing page and gives businesses the ability to measure conversion and success.

Mobile Landing Pages allows any business to create personalised mobile customer journeys that track engagement from SMS to landing page to conversion. Using the service, MessageMedia customers can incorporate interactive and branded elements into their messages with clear calls-to-action – all without the need for web developers. Businesses can then easily deploy unique landing pages to hundreds of thousands of customers at once, removing the complexity of development teams and digital analysts.

MessageMedia Chief Product Officer Ken Johnstone said, “As Australia’s leading business messaging partner, we have been enabling personal and scalable SMS communication for nearly 20 years. Today, Mobile Landing Pages makes it easy for anyone to send visually rich SMS experiences to their customers and measure interaction in minutes.

“With minimal technical skills required, businesses can now provide personalised customer experiences that are more measurable and trackable than ever before. It’s an easy-to-use platform that lets businesses know exactly who is engaging with their content and which messages are cutting through, enabling them to adapt accordingly and ultimately make their customer experience truly memorable.”

Those using the service can now look forward to tracking the success of SMS campaigns through link previews and the actions of customers, as well as adapting the templated landing pages to match their own branding. With Mobile Landing Pages, you can now see whether people are viewing your message and who is clicking on the links, allowing you to segment customers and gauge which calls-to-action have performed the best. The templates available suit a range of industries and use cases, such as retail and loyalty campaigns, appointment and booking reminders, plus billing notifications.

One example use case for retail campaigns would be to direct customers to a landing page where they can redeem a voucher, sending the user a barcode or promo code that they can then use for a discount in-store on via their e-commerce website.

MessageMedia CMO Tara Salmon said that mobile landing pages are a great example of how SMS is constantly evolving to remain one of the most powerful tools in the marketing and customer ecosystem.

“We know that SMS messages are opened in 90 seconds, 90% of the time, and its open rate is 98%. When compared to email’s open rate of 20%, the benefits to businesses looking to have engaging conversations are clear.”

“Mobile Landing Pages puts a new level of messaging sophistication into the hands of everyday businesses. A luxury car brand, and an early adopter of Mobile Landing Pages, saw a 29% click-through rate on a recent campaign – results that prove just how powerful SMS cut-through really is when combined with personalised offers.”

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