Mentos Kicks Off Campaign To Inspire Aussies To Spread Positivity

Mentos Kicks Off Campaign To Inspire Aussies To Spread Positivity

The numbers are in. Overall, social media is a happy place to live. A survey by Facebook found that out of an isolated three million posts containing more than 122 million words — four million were positive words and 1.8 million negative ones. However, we believe that Aussies can do better.

Thanks to the digital age, anyone with a smartphone is a reporter or an activist and, research suggests Facebook posts can directly affect emotions – known as Emotional Contagion.

In a quest to to make the social media landscape an even brighter place to engage with one another, Mentos has kicked off an inspiring movement, aptly titled CompliMentos.

The iconic confectionery brand is calling for friends to connect with one another on Facebook and Twitter and spread positivity by sharing simple, feel – good compliments.

With over 100,000 social media followers (which he insists he didn’t pay for) Australian comedian Joel Creasey is one of the first to jump on the bandwagon. “Social media can be a community, or it can be a mob,” he said.

“Celebrities and well-known brands have a responsibility to encourage fans to use its responsibly and harness this power for good. I mean sure, it’s for posting shirtless selfies, glorified holiday snaps and pics of your paleo smoothie #cleaning #fitspiration… but you can also reach people in any corner of the planet and actually make a difference.”

With CompliMentos such as ‘You’re the Pink Mentos in my Roll’ and ‘You & I Are Mint to Be’, the Mentos community is coming together in hashtag unity to send positivity viral.

Country manager for Mentos, Samantha Hansen commented, “The connectedness social media provides us is powerful. Mentos is a brand that inspires fresh connections and who better than Mentos to spearhead this movement of positivity.”

The CompliMentos campaign runs from 22 August 2016. Make someone smile by paying them a compliment.

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