Men Get E-Cup Boobs For A Day In PrimaDonna Lingerie Awareness Campaign

Men Get E-Cup Boobs For A Day In PrimaDonna Lingerie Awareness Campaign

PrimaDonna lingerie, which specialises in luxury lingerie at larger cup sizes from C to J, has put together a clever new video that gives men a real insight into what life is like for women with big boobs.

The lingerie brand offloaded heavy three kilo boobs onto its male employees for a whole day – and called it International E-Cup Day for Men.

And while there was a serious awareness message behind the campaign, there was also a lot of humour in the spot, which shows men adjusting their straps as the faux-boobs became too heavy, and actually resting them on desks to relieve the weight.

Check it out here:

PrimaDonna told AdWeek that its CEO, Ignace Van Doorselaere, who is the main narrator in the spot, came up with the idea himself after getting stacks of queries about how he actually could understand the plight of his consumers.

PrimaDonna had its own seamstresses make the specialised harnesses, while all creative was handled in-house.

“Dozens of studies confirm the physical discomfort a woman endures if she is wearing a badly fitting bra, especially with a bigger cup size (D+),” he said in a press release.

“Back and neck problems because of bad posture, as well as headaches due to straps that are too tight; stomach or bowel problems can even occur. They should not suffer.”

The video has racked up 56,464 views on YouTube and another 854,075 views on Facebook.

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