Meet The Women Leading Tech: CancerAid Product Design Lead Ronnie Golec

Meet The Women Leading Tech: CancerAid Product Design Lead Ronnie Golec

Through reviewing all of our Women Leading Tech finalists, we have uncovered some incredibly talented women who use their tech skills to make the world a better place.

None more so than CancerAid’s product design lead Ronnie Golec, who helps patients overcome the challenging experience of managing cancer.

CancerAid uses technology to assist with its mission statement, including the development of a free top-ranked mobile cancer app.

Golec has had a particular focus on the CancerAid Coach Program in recent times, which helps educate fund members and improve wellbeing.

She facilitated empathy-driven workshops to uncover each customer’s individual needs, and applied the generated insights to turn a complex ecosystem with numerous stakeholders and touchpoints into a legible user journey where identifying opportunities is simple.

Golec then designed a process to alleviate claims assessors’s workloads, creating a low-friction web portal to direct referrals to CancerAid.

The portal couples clean form design with concise resources for the oftentimes challenging conversations claims staff have with patients, to support them in completing referrals.

The success of the CancerAid Coach program helped see CancerAid take out ANZIIF InsurTech of the Year 2019.

Golec’s commitment to user experience has played a huge role in ensuring the success of this program and helping those in need.


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