World First: Slurpee Turns Sound Into Cups For BYO Cup Day

World First: Slurpee Turns Sound Into Cups For BYO Cup Day

Slurpee and Leo Burnett teamed up for Slurpee’s BYO Cup Day, the glorious day you can use whatever ‘cup’ you have your disposal to fill with slurpee goodness.

The process began with recording three radio ads for this year’s BYO Cup Day, each with a voice-over and distinct soundscape in the background: a Viking opera, a football stadium full of cheering fans, and the mating calls of two ‘frisky’ whales.

Using a suite of digital 3D modeling tools, the soundwaves from the radio ads were vectorised to create the shapes of the cups. Very tech-y stuff, but creative nonetheless.

“Slurpee BYO Cup Day is now an event where fans are the creators and they prove their ingenuity every year,” Leo Burnett ECD Jason Williams said. “Sound Cup is just another way to stimulate their imaginations and inspire cup creativity.”

Fans could download the 3D file and print a Sound Cup themselves, or win one on Slurpee’s Facebook page to drink, for the first time ever, out of cups made of sound for BYO Cup Day.

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