What if Siri was an Aussie Bogan and Google a guy?

What if Siri was an Aussie Bogan and Google a guy?

If Google was human and male, what would he be like? According to the team over at College Humour he is an aging man with a receding salt-and-pepper hairline. He sits in a bland, non-descript office surrounding by files and dishes up info on even the most ridiculous, and x-rated, searches.

He manages to keep his cool, mostly, until he is pushed over the edge by a seemingly serious search for information on the Boston Bombers.


Imagine if you could personalise Apple product’s voice recognition. What would she sound like if she was Australian and had a sex-change?

The video below answers that question but if you are watching at work we suggest you turn the volume down as there is a language warning on this one.


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