Ten Fumes As Paps Threaten To Ruin The Bachelor Before Show Airs

Ten Fumes As Paps Threaten To Ruin The Bachelor Before Show Airs

Network Ten’s upcoming season of The Bachelor is at risk of being spoiled, after it was reported that photos of the main man, Matty Johnson (pictured), and his two picks for the final rose ceremony were snapped at a Thai resort where filming for the hit romance reality show was taking place.

The snaps are being offered by paps as part of a package that includes the names and information on the last two contestants, according to News Corp.

Furthermore, Fairfax has reported that two Sydney paparazzi had their equipment taken off them after being discovered on the island in Thailand where The Bachelor was being shot.

Warner Bros Television (the production company behind the show), went through the computers and cameras of the paps who were caught out and were “confident that no images, which would have potentially spoiled the show’s finale, exist”, according to Fairfax.

A spokesperson from Ten has since had a go at the paparazzi for threatening to ruin the series before it hits TV screens around July.

“Media interest in The Bachelor Australia increases every year, which is testament to the enduring popularity of the show,” the spokesperson said in a statement to Fairfax.

“While we cannot comment on speculative information that paparazzi might be trying to sell, it is a shame that their aim each season is to spoil the experience for viewers.”

This isn’t the first time Ten has had to deal with a pap threat of this kind, having imposed a court injunction against the Daily Mail calling for snaps taken behind the scenes of The Bachelorette contestant Sam Frost and her eventual suitor Sasha Mielczarek before the finale went to air in 2015.

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