Study: 84% Of Aussies Still Watch Free-to-air Every Week

Study: 84% Of Aussies Still Watch Free-to-air Every Week

Despite the doom and gloom that often surrounds Australia’s three free-to-air networks, a new study has found traditional TV still has a compelling case, particularly when it comes to attracting eyeballs.

The latest Australian Video Viewing Report from OzTam, Regional Tam and Nielsen has found that 83.7 per cent of Australians watch free to air every week, or some 19.9 million of us.

According to the report we watch, on average, two hours and 39 minutes of live and playback TV every day. However that is down about half-an-hour from six years ago.

Even the Netflix-addicted Gen Ys are watching too, with the report revealing that 65.6 per cent of 18-24 year olds watch free to air TV at some stage during the week.

Some 89.1 per cent of TV was watched live. A further 8.9 per cent played back within seven days, and 1.9 per cent was time-shifted up to 28 days alter.

However, Aussies spend 25 per cent of their time using their TVs for other activities such as gaming, watching DVDs, streaming or listening to music.

And we’re no longer simply watching TV on our couches, in front of a large screen when the broadcaster chooses to air a show.

The study found were increasingly watching TV and catch-up on a number of other devices. The report noting: “While the total number of screens in homes has risen over the past two years, growth rates are slowing, Penetration levels for various technologies are also plateauing and this reflects consumer tendencies to retain an older model device for secondary use when upgrading to a new one.”

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