Reports: PwC Eyeing Potential Buy-Out Of Ferrier’s THINKERBELL

Reports: PwC Eyeing Potential Buy-Out Of Ferrier’s THINKERBELL

The agency may only be two months old but media reports today suggest that mega business consultancy firm PwC are already circling TTHINKERBELL – the agency recently created by ex-Cummins&Partners trio Adam Ferrier (left in photo), Jim Ingram (middle) and Ben Couzens (behind plant).

The rumour – and we need to stress it is only a rumour – of the buy-out appeared in today’s Australian Financial Review; however, when B&T contacted Adam Ferrier regarding the article he declined to comment, instead referring our enquiry on to PwC.

B&T has contacted PwC’s Russel Howcroft who has not returned our calls at the time of publishing.

The AFR today reported: “It’s only a few months old, but the agency – according to well-placed ad industry sources – has attracted the attention of Howcroft, whose tenure at PwC follows a stint running Network Ten and a couple of years at the head of ad agency Y&R.

“Ferrier and Howcroft are old buddies from their time spent sharing desk space and airtime on ABC TV’s panel show The Gruen Transfer.”

A spokesperson for PwC added: “We are always in the market looking for opportunities that make commercial sense and add value to our clients, but we have no news to announce.”

Apparently, PwC was also a frontrunner to buy The Monkeys, who eventually sold to Accenture for a reported $63 million. One would imagine it would have a good chance of getting THINKERBELL for a greatly reduced rate than that.

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