McDonald’s New Zealand Cans ‘Name-A-Burger’ Promo

McDonald’s New Zealand Cans ‘Name-A-Burger’ Promo

McDonald’s New Zealand learnt the hard way that you shouldn’t let the general public ‘name’ a product.

The New Zealand version of Create Your Taste” campaign had a special promotion: Design your own burger and get free fries and a soft drink for your trouble.

It started off innocently enough, with people uploading their #makeburgerhistory options to social media:

@mcdonalds FRYDAY #makeburgerhistory

A photo posted by Wayne Quedley (@uujq) on

However the competition quickly divulged into as many racist burger names as it possibly could.  The website was quickly shut down, but not before NeoGaf forums were able to upload screenshots which aren’t racist:


i3yOpkY wNhKpKC OOOtBCy qc0mWpv gLQnckz XErV4sT ro2bom0

Earlier this year, Google wanted the internet to name it’s latest android version with an “N” word. 

“Please don’t call it Namey McNameface,” Dave Burke, Google’s vice president of engineering, told the Google’s annual IO conference. Which should have been an indication that it wasn’t going to end well.

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