Mamamia Publishes Inaugural 50 Best Blokes List

Mamamia Publishes Inaugural 50 Best Blokes List

Women’s site Mamamia has announced the 50 Australian men who’ve made its inaugural “Best Blokes” list, although it’s not entirely clear what said blokes needed to do to warrant actually getting on the list.

Apparently, only men with some sort of basic celebrity were eligible, meaning the rest of the nation’s men clearly have a lot of catching up to do.

The list included a largely predictable list of sports people, entertainment celebrities and social justice warriors. Former AFL player Adam Goodes, actor Samuel Johnson, comic Anh Do and comic/musician Tim Minchin were all deemed good blokes.

You can read the full list here (which apparently doesn’t come in any particular order).

The list was chosen by 5000 Mamamia readers who were asked to pick from a list of men they felt were “doing great things across the country”.

Mamamia editor-in-chief Kate de Brito says many of the men who made the final list could be described as ‘feminists’.

“We read plenty of stories about men behaving badly, but those aren’t the only headlines we should be writing. In everyday and public life there are so many men doing great things that support and promote women,” de Brito said.

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