Justin Bieber Denies Being God After Media Hoopla

Justin Bieber Denies Being God After Media Hoopla

Justin Bieber is none too happy with media after articles popped up saying the Canadian singer was comparing himself to God.

On Thursday morning (Australian time) the Biebs posted a shirtless photo to his Instagram referencing the seventh day God rested after he made the heavens and earth.

The image had celebrity news sites such as the Daily Mail, Perez Hilton and Hollywood Life frothing as articles started appearing.

“Another day, another celebrity thinking they’re God,” said the Perez Hilton article.

The post has since been edited with Bieber’s response, but here it is below.

And Bieber has now added an image of Google news sites including the Daily Mail and Perez Hilton with his curt response.

“Would love to talk about this because it’s another moment to point to God,” he wrote.

“When I said on the 7th day it was a reference to say that on the 7th day he rested giving us a template and example letting us know how important rest is.

“People love to twist what was meant for good and maybe it was my fault by not explaining my thought correctly. You can think the worst about me but never ever want people to think I compare myself to The MOST HIGH.”

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