More Indecent Assault Claims Levelled At Actor Craig McLachlan

More Indecent Assault Claims Levelled At Actor Craig McLachlan

Three more women have come out and alleged that they were indecently assaulted by the actor Craig McLachlan.

McLachlan is presently suing the ABC and Fairfax Media after it published reports in January that detailed the 52-year-old had sexually harassed female colleagues from the 2014 stage production of The Rocky Horror Show.

The actor is also suing one of the women, Christie Whelan Browne, who spoke to the organisations and performed the lead role of Janet in the show.

However, in a Supreme Court hearing on Friday, the barrister representing Fairfax and ABC, Lyndelle Barnett, said three more women had come forward alleging further impropriety on McLachlan’s behalf. One of the women has reportedly made a statement to police.

Barnett asked for the women’s names to suppressed as it would cause “undue distress and embarrassment”.

The latest complaints come a week after Barnett also told the court that there were even more people willing to come forward to make allegations of indecent assault against McLachlan.

Last month, Channel Seven announced that McLachlan’s hit show The Doctor Blake Mysteries would return without its star in the lead role. Instead, the new script will centre around Blake’s housekeeper and love interest Jean Beazley (played by the actress Nadine Garner). The new series has not yet stated filming and will reportedly air towards the end of 2018.

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