Google Launches New Mobile App Products

Kiev, Ukraine - December 03, 2011 - Woman hands holding and touching on Apple iPad2 with Google search web page on a screen. This second generation Apple iPad2 is designed and development by Apple inc. and launched in march 2011.

While You were sleeping, Google has announced the biggest set of updates to its Mobile advertising business at the annual tech event Google I/O.

During a press briefing before the announcement, Google’s VP of product management for mobile ads Johnathan Alferness discussed what new mobile products Google has in store.

“Mobile has changed the face of media and technology across the world, especially in Asia and developers are key to this mobile ecosystem,” said Alferness.

Alferness added that more Google searches occur on mobile devices then on computers in 10 different countries including Japan and the United States. “This goes to show how the world and Google have pivoted to mobile, and think about how quickly we’ve reached this point,” he said.

During the briefing Alferness stated it’s becoming harder for a mobile ad to stand out in this competitive mobile field. Even with such fierce competition, the average American will have 36 mobile applications on their device and a quarter of these apps have never been used!

Earlier this year, to combat the issue of demand and consumption, Google launched ‘search ads’ on the Google play store.  “By showing ads alongside app search results, developers can reach consumers right when they’re looking for a new app. At the exact moment when they’re ready to install,” Alferness said.

The biggest announcement for Google’s mobile advertising is the launch of ‘Universal App Campaigns’, a mobile app installation campaign targeted towards small app developers. Universal App Campaigns provide a simple way for smaller developers to reach consumers across Google platforms more efficiently and effectively. “With a single campaign, developers can scale their reach across Google search, the AdMob network, Google display network, YouTube and Google Play Developer Console.”

All the developers have to do is input information about their app. The characteristics of the app, the budget, the target audience they want to attract. The goal of the paid ‘Universal App Campaigns’ is that all the tough stuff is taken out of getting people to the app, all the developer has to do is concentrate on building great apps.

Universal Ad Campaigns will be launching soon, but Google hasn’t provided an exact time frame. 

Google’s I/O is a two day event of talks, hands-on learning, and a chance to hear more about Google’s latest developer products.

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