New Guvera App Turns Any Phone Into Your Own Personal Radio Show

New Guvera App Turns Any Phone Into Your Own Personal Radio Show

Aussie music streaming start-up, Guvera, has debuted its newest product extension Fradio, an iOS and Android app which allows users to broadcast their own personal radio shows live from their phone.

With the Fradio app, fans and artists can curate their own radio broadcasts using the tracks available on the Guvera service, which includes a music library of millions of songs. Friends and fans can listen in and interact with the broadcaster on air through live talk-back, comments and track requests.

To mark the app’s debut at SXSW, the team from Fradio will be broadcasting live from the fourth annual IHEARTCOMIX’s Austin Party from 3am to 3pm AEST Thursday 19th March to Sunday 22nd March each day. The broadcasts will take place within a custom-built radio booth housed within the heart of the event.


Fradio users across the U.S. and Australia will be able to use the free app to tune in and hear all the highlights and exclusive live interviews during the four-day event. Fans can participate in the live broadcast by calling in or requesting a track from the artists appearing as part of the APW 2015 line up, which includes Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Crookers and many more.

“Radio has always been an important part of sharing and experiencing music for both fans and artists alike. Fradio was created to update this traditional model for 2015 and combine it with the real-time interaction and personalization demanded by today’s users,” said Damien King, CTO, Guvera. “Fradio places the power to broadcast into the hands of every artist, fan or person with a phone and combines this with the ability to interact directly with the DJ and the audience.”

Key features of the Fradio app include:

  • The ability to curate your own radio broadcast based on the music already accessible via the Guvera music streaming platform
  • An in-app microphone that allows broadcasters to share what’s on their mind or to chat with those listening
  • Functionality that includes the ability to comment, call or request a track from the broadcaster allowing real-time interaction
  • Free and legal access to music – labels and artists are paid for use of their content; users have free access through Guvera’s free-to-play ad-funded service
  • A premium, on-demand service (Guvera Platinum) that allows users to select individual tracks and enjoy an ad-free experience

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