Avoid Star Wars Spoilers Online With This Chrome Extension

Avoid Star Wars Spoilers Online With This Chrome Extension

There are two kinds of people in this world right now: those who couldn’t give less of a poop about the latest Star Wars film or those who don’t want to see any spoilers because they’re so damn excited about seeing Star Wars Episode VII. To help both groups, a Star Wars Spoiler Blocker extension has been released.

JitBit founders Alex Jumašev and Max Al Farakh have released a Chrome extension in the Chrome store which will take over your screen and warn you if anything mentions Star Wars.

Once you install the extension, there isn’t any option or configuration screen. Even if your friends mention buying Star Wars tickets the extension will pop up, but as the release date draws nearer it’s probably best to be super prepared rather than ruin your Star Wars experience.

As for the haters, the extension might help you close tabs so that you don’t have to ruin your Star Warsless day.

Click here for the Chrome extension.

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