Media Viciously Attacked By Supporters Of Kangaroo Torturer

Media Viciously Attacked By Supporters Of Kangaroo Torturer

Media reporting from a Perth Court on the sentencing of a man accused of torturing and killing a kangaroo have been viciously attacked.

The journalists, who were standing outside the court waiting on the verdict, were physically assaulted by supporters of the accused, 22-year-old Dylan Leslie Griffin.

Following Griffin’s sentencing, the accused’s supporters left the court and became violent with journalists and cameramen reporting on the case.

According to the ABC, one supporter pushed and smashed a television camera as he walked past it while yelling “f*** you, you smiling prick” to the man behind it.

The man was then restrained and escorted off the premises, while another physically assaulted and spat on a journalist. You can watch the video here.

As per the ABC, police are investigating the incident.

During the hearing, Griffin was described as “wholehearted, gleeful and sadistic” by Magistrate Gregory Benn, who described the violent act against the kangaroo as a rite of passage for the gang Griffin was part of.

“As disgusting as that sounds,” Magistrate Benn added.

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