Media Thursdays Is Back For 2018!

Media Thursdays Is Back For 2018!
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Have you been wondering what ever happened to Media Thursdays? Well it’s back baby! To mark the first event of 2018 (next Thursday at Flamingo Lounge), we sat down with Mindshare’s Raymond LY (also Committee Chair of NGEN) to get all the deets.

Media Thursdays (aka MT) is a regular social event for professionals within the media industry. It aims to facilitate networking and social opportunities in a causal setting. MT encourages discussion, banter and laughs over a few drinks, nibbles and dancing if that’s what you’re after.

Hosted at Flamingo Lounge (previously Hugo’s where B&T‘s Media Fridays was hosted), the first event for 2018 will be held next Thursday 17 May (RSVP here). This month, the event has a sponsor – the recently re-branded MiQ (an independent marketing intelligence company) who will be shouting everyone drinks (from 6:30pm-8pm) and FREE pizza!

MT was founded by a couple of media mates Raymond Ly (Mindshare), Clem Birdsall (REA), Andrew Lowther (Adshel) & Sammy Nobes (Starcom).

However, with three of the founders moving on, Raymond has a new crew that he runs the events with. MT’s wouldn’t be possible without Sasha Krajnc (Starcom), Sam Stewart (Initiative) & Joe McCabe (PHD).

We sat down with Raymond to chat about the event that is supposed to be “the industry’s local”.

Founders media thursdays

What prompted you to start Media Thursdays?

Back when we first started in 2015, we realised there was a void that needed to be filled in our industry. Media Fridays were a thing of the past. Media parties were becoming infrequent and there was a lack of a social consistency for an industry which prides itself for being super social and fun. At the same time Sydney’s night life was also going through its toughest period to date. We saw an opportunity to create something to change all that.

We wanted to establish a regular gathering that brought together Sydney’s best and brightest media minds. We didn’t discriminate, we wanted clients, publishers, tech companies, PR, creatives agencies & media agencies. It was irrelevant if you were a director, a manager or an assistant. We wanted MT to be an event that everyone felt empowered and welcomed.

MT is 2.5 years young but this all-inclusive ethos is what continues to motivates us. We’re an industry filled with passionate people. We wanted a monthly event that celebrates our colleagues wins and encourages our peers to keep up the good work.

Tell us what’s in store for the first event of the year?


Not only have we brought the usual awesomeness of hosting it at the Flamingo lounge, drinks specials and Media DJs. This month we are sponsored by the recently rebranded MIQ, who will be shouting everyone drinks (from 6:30- 8pm) & free pizza on the night.

Media IQ (now MiQ) is an independent marketing intelligence company that started eight years ago and the relaunch of Media Thursday’s timed perfectly with their re-brand and arrival in market. In addition to shouting drinks and pizza, they will be running rad competitions throughout the evening.

What’s been the biggest challenge working on the events?

Juggling it with our day jobs. For all of us this is a passion project and we are driven to make sure there is a place where everyone in media can casually hang out.

What are you most proud of?

Having a group of individuals from a range of different media companies working together on an industry wide project.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt?

Always consume plenty of Gatorade and hydralytes on Friday mornings after a delightful evening at Media Thursdays.

What’s keeping you awake at night at the moment?

If Roy Morgan will be coming down for a few and hangout with his people. The guy’s pretty busy, data never sleeps.

*RSVP for this month’s event at

*Stay updated with Media Thursdays on their Facebook group.

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