MEAA Calls For Media Workplaces To Stamp Out Sexism After Eddie McGuire Comments

MEAA Calls For Media Workplaces To Stamp Out Sexism After Eddie McGuire Comments

Following comments made by radio broadcaster Eddie McGuire about drowning Fairfax female journo Caroline Wilson, the journalistic union MEAA (Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance) is calling on workplaces to redouble efforts to stamp out sexism.

Condemning the comments made by McGuire, along with North Melbourne president James Brayshaw and ALF star Danny Frawley’s involvement, MEAA director of media, Katelin McInerney said it was jokes like this that perpetuated the struggle of women in media.

“These comments should never have been made, even as a joke,” she said.

“These kinds of remarks are not only hurtful, but they reinforce the need for concerted efforts to improve respect and treatment of women in the media.”

McGuire and others involved have subsequently apologised for their comments, however it hasn’t stopped McGuire being labelled a “pig” by radio personality Meshel Laurie and for Holden – a major sponsor of Collingwood Football Club of which McGuire is president of – to question its future sponsorship.

“We are pleased that Eddie McGuire and his fellow commentators have now manned up to apologise for their comments about one of the nation’s most respected and awarded journalists, Caroline Wilson,” continued MEAA’s McInerney.

“But it is a pity that these comments were made in the first place – even if it was in jest – and that it took a blaze of adverse publicity before apologies were forthcoming.

“What makes the comments even worse is they also made light of violence against women. What kind of message does this send to young women wanting to make a career in journalism or broadcasting, particularly sports journalism?

“It demonstrates once again that there is still a culture of casual sexism in newsrooms and broadcast studios around Australia.”

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