McWilliam’s Wines Approach to Multi-Channel Engagement

McWilliam’s Wines Approach to Multi-Channel Engagement

The emergence of the digital customer has emphasised the need for retailers and brands to adopt multi-channel engagement strategies.

Relying on traditional methods of engagement is no longer enough and brands must adapt and think about how to communicate with their customers through different channels, or risk getting left behind.

Over the last 12 months McWilliam’s Wines has embraced multi-channel engagement, launching some of the first responsive websites in the wine industry globally.

Taking out the title of the Best Wine Website/App in 2013 by the Wine Communicators of Australia, the McWilliams’s brand optimised the experience for their customers through the use of online, social and mobile tools.

According to Chris Maloney, Digital Marketing Director at McWilliams Wines, the emergence of the digital customer emphasises the need for their cellar doors to embrace e-commerce.

“Consumers now expect to be able to access and purchase our wines online, often without staff interaction. This has also changed the way we need to identify our most valued members, but looking at sales across multiple channels, offline and online,” Chris said.

A big part of McWilliams’s multi-channel engagement strategy also relies on listening and actively engaging with customers through social media channels to amplify and engage positive commentary and address anything negatively quickly.

The company recently implemented a social listening program, which according to Chris Maloney, has proved extremely valuable in terms of helping the brand learn more about their customers, as well as optimising experience.

“We have been able to identify consumers who are visiting our cellar doors through social listening, and give them a wow experience when they arrive which they amplify. We are also able to share positive social stories with our trade partners particularly when consumers are talking about exclusive ranges,” he said.

Read more about how McWilliams’s Wines is approaching multi-channel engagement in Chris’ article McWilliams’s Wines 5 step approach to a successful multi-channel strategy.

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