Is This McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Spot The Most Beautiful Ad Ever?

Is This McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Spot The Most Beautiful Ad Ever?

Let’s be honest, most of us couldn’t face the McDonald’s breakfast menu without the most ardent of hangovers.

However, a new ad for its fabled Egg McMuffin puts a wholly new and arty take on the tradesman’s treat.

In McDonald’s across France, the breakfast menu has just gone all-day and to celebrate Macca’s agency, TBWA\Paris, has unveiled one of the most perfect and hypnotic ads you’ll ever see.

The agency collaborated with 3D animator Matthieu Braccini to produce the spectacular spot that’s simply called the “Director’s Cut”. Hungover or not, check it out below:

In a statement, TBWA\Paris described the making of the ad thus: “We deconstructed the product and used its separated ingredients to create fifteen abstract allegoric 3D animations crafted with C4D and rendered in Redshift. Extra care was given to textures and physics, to properly convey the softness, roundness, smooth and silky aspect of the product.

“The choice of colours, materials, and overall art direction contributed to recreate an appetising food environment. We chose infinite loops as a format to further enhance the soothing and hypnotising effect of the animations, and built an experiential website to host them on both desktop and mobile, where design and user interaction is also aimed at constructing a smooth and playful digital universe.”

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