M&C Saatchi: Wankband Is Old News

M&C Saatchi: Wankband Is Old News

Yesterday’s B&T story about a device that generates electricity while the wearer masturbates is old technology wrapped in clever marketing claims m&c Saatchi.

PornHub’s wearable tech – the Wankband – is nothing new, says Ben Cooper, head of innovation at ad agency M&C Saatchi.

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“The funny thing is, capturing kinetic energy has been around forever,” he told B&T. “In many ways it’s nothing new, but in other ways it’s got everyone thinking.

“The thing is, energy capture or getting to points is a very known medium. When you wrap it in masturbation you get headlines. And people take note.”

It’s just the subject matter that makes us all blush. However, Cooper says there is some far more credible wearable tech happening at the moment.

The ‘hearables’ are the new things capturing Cooper’s attention at the moment, small devices you put into your ear that can track blood flow, respiration and lots of other cool shit.

From yesterday’s story, some Twitter users felt PornHub was taking a bit too far.

However, Cooper reckons it’s all in good jest.

“I don’t think it’s too far, I think people use lots of means to draw attention to themselves.

“All we’re saying here is ‘I’m moving something at high speed, you charge it’. Now you could be doing anything, anything at all, but they’ve chosen to say masturbation does it, which we know will get the reactions it has.

“I just think it’s a stunt to draw attention to something.”

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