M&C Saatchi Behind Adult Film With Important Cancer Message

M&C Saatchi Behind Adult Film With Important Cancer Message

As men around the country were titillating their privates with eyes glued to a porn parody of Game of Thrones, Game of Balls, they came across a stealthily placed public health message.

During Eva Lovia’s controlled strokes, the adult star explains to males viewing the film how to check their balls for testicular cancer.

Adult film production company Digital Playground teamed up with testicular cancer organisation the Blue Ball Foundation to create the video, with agency M&C Saatchi helping to deliver the message during testicular cancer awareness month.

The film was created to coincide with the premiere of season five of Game of Thrones on April 12.

With no PR, the movie made its way through the risqué areas of the web, gaining momentum. Once the media got hold of it, it took off to amass more than a million views, also thanks to the Game of Thrones download frenzy.

Many patted the charity on the back for the innovative approach. Check out the case study video from M&C Saatchi below.

Popular adult site PornHub has also been on the ball-feeling bandwagon, releasing a public service announcement during April as well about how men can check their privates. The film features porn star Charlotte Stokely demonstrating how to perform the check on a dildo.

You can check out the film here, but you probably don’t want your boss to catch you. Maybe wait til you’re at home.


Ben Welsh                    M&C Saatchi                 ECD

Ant Melder                    M&C Saatchi                 CD

Josh Bryer                    M&C Saatchi                 Writer

David Jackson              M&C Saatchi                 Art Director

Annalise Brown            Bang PR                        Managing Director

Peta Frost                     Bang PR                       Account Manager

Zoe Finlayson                Bang PR                       Account Executive

Matt Porter                    M&C Saatchi                 PR Manager

Jaimes Leggett             M&C Saatchi                 CEO

Justin Graham              M&C Saatchi                 CSO

Jeanette Li                    Digital Playground        Marketing & PR Coordinator

Jakodema                     Digital Playground        Director

Jamie Morgan               The Blue Ball                Founder



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