Matterhorn Launches Global First For Pfizer With New Campaign For Advil Liquid Capsules

Matterhorn Launches Global First For Pfizer With New Campaign For Advil Liquid Capsules

Matterhorn Sydney has launched a new marketing campaign for Advil Liquid Capsules, which highlights that Advil works fast on pain and is absorbed 2x faster versus pain relief brands such as standard Nurofen.

The campaign comprises of a new TVC and a 360 degree Virtual Reality experience that lets people experience the benefits of Advil Liquid Capsules first hand.

Matt Kemsley (co-founder of Matterhorn) said, “Driving home the speed credentials of Advil Liquid capsules in a modern, state of the art way is the key objective of this campaign.


“Plus having permission to avoid cliched lifestyle moments provided us with the perfect opportunity to create a high-tech, futuristic world that showcases this exciting, scientifically advanced brand.”

Garry Horner (co-founder of Matterhorn) added, “The simple reality of marketing today is that having a beautiful TV commercial is crucial, but it’s only half the battle.

“Engaging with customers and retailers in both the grocery and pharmacy sectors is equally important. This is where the Advil VR experience comes in. It gives the Advil Sales team an invaluable tool to ensure the brand is front of mind for customers and pharmacists at the most crucial part of the shopper’s journey… when they’ve got their wallets in their hands.”

Cutting Edge created the 3d commercial and VR experience for Matterhorn. Led by Cutting Edge director and VFX supervisor Simon Maddison.

Maddison said, “Working with a Client and Agency with such foresight and trust in the team has been a real pleasure. The TVC lent itself perfectly to virtual reality; the viewer is the rider, racing through a fully CG world, smashing through pain ‘crystals’ as the environment constantly builds and moves around you.

“The complexity of the Advil VR experience is not something I’ve seen before; a virtual environment of over 3,500 frames of liquid, moving mountains made up of two million fully reflective blocks and crystal simulations in stunning 4K. There’s nowhere to hide in VR – you can’t cheat the landscape with camera angles; it all has to be beautiful. VR offers clients the ability to immerse their consumers inside their vision in a way that’s never been done before, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this technology.”

“Working with Simon Maddison and the team at Cutting Edge has been a fantastic experience and from the treatment to the production they have over delivered with their creativity and effort. At every stage their suggestions and ideas have made the concept stronger.” Kemsley added.

Jalene Tiu (brand manager – Advil, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Australia) said, “We’re enormously proud of this campaign. It takes Advil to a new and refreshing creative direction. The TVC is single-minded and highly engaging across our campaign’s multiple touch points. And the VR experience is a first for Pfizer as well and helps bring the TVC to life in a whole new different level. This is an excellent step forward for Advil.”


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