Salary Survey: Aussie Marketers Set To Be Huge Winners In 2017

Salary Survey: Aussie Marketers Set To Be Huge Winners In 2017

Do you loathe your marketing department? Can’t stand the people in IT? Well, according to a new survey into Aussie worker salaries you’re set to despise them even more as they’re due big increases in their pay packets for 2017.

The Salary Survey 2017, released by recruitment firm Robert Walters, is based on the views of 950 hiring managers and 1800 professionals. It found that, as usual, anyone with an IT and tech background could expect to be remunerated well over the coming year. Techy types were particularly in high demand in NSW, the survey revealed.

Work in marketing? Particularly digital marketing? Then your salary is set to explode this year by as much as $40,000! Robert Walters is reporting the average digital marketers’ salary is fast approaching the $180,000- mark.

Anyone that can unravel the great mysteries of data can also look forward to a swag more cash. The study revealed: “We expect increased hiring across IT, corporate governance, and state government infrastructure projects.

“Within the technology sector, we anticipate intensified competition for big data, data security, DevOps and data analytics skillets.

“Across all major corporates, further regulation and focus on risk management and compliance will drive further growth. Close cost management and a requirement to extract maximum value from major long-term contracts will ensure demand for skilled procurement professionals.”


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