Naughty Lads At Sportsbet Take Aim At England Cricket Team In Latest Stunt

Naughty Lads At Sportsbet Take Aim At England Cricket Team In Latest Stunt

Fresh from the furore around it’s 50 Shades Of Grey spoof earlier this week, online bookmaker Sportsbet has owned up to the mysterious #MissingBalls posters that recently began appearing around Melbourne and was intended as a nasty sledge against the English cricket team in town for the pending World Cup.

As a follow-up to the poster campaign, today Sportsbet flew two 1,000 square foot versions of the controversial posters over the MCG while the team had its final training session below.

Today’s flight comes after Sportsbet – who are becoming famous for the notoriety stunts – “anonymously” put up 1,000 ‘missing person’ posters around Melbourne which asked the public if they’d seen a pair of missing ‘cricket’ balls belonging to the English cricket team accompanied by the hashtag #MissingBalls.

A large truck with the #MissingBalls poster emblazoned on the back also greeted the team as they trundled from their hotel rooms to their team bus just prior to training this morning.

“The Poms have shown no balls of late and we’re just asking if anyone has seen them around!” said’s Shaun Anderson. “At Sportsbet, we’re nuts for our national teams – it’s our patriotic duty to get behind them. We just don’t think the Poms have got the balls to match our boys!”

“What’s cricket without a good old sledge? Hundreds of Aussies noticed the posters and tweeted their support during the week including Rodney Hogg and Dean Jones but the highlight for us is former English cricketer Jonathan Agnew taking the bait!”

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