Campaign: Making Tiles And Stone Look Good

Campaign: Making Tiles And Stone Look Good

To mark the launch of the Housing Industry Association’s most recent award-winning tile and stone showrooms, Adelaide based agency Them  Advertising has developed a television campaign.

For over 40 years, the Adelaide-based business has been a leading supplier of tile and stone for builders, designers, architects and home renovators.

To give the brand a fresh and distinctive feel, Italia Ceramics called upon Them Advertising.

The team conceptualised and developed the new ‘looking for inspiration’ campaign, aimed at portraying Italia Ceramics as a modern and tasteful brand, showing that their products are the perfect way to express your personal style through your home.

“When you walk into our showroom, it’s a truly unique experience. Customers can relax, enjoy a fresh espresso coffee and spend hours browsing our exquisite range. It’s not what you’d expect from a normal retail store. This is the idea we wanted to get across and Them have nailed it,” said Rob Vozzo, managing director of Italia Ceramics.

The commercial was shot in the Italia Ceramics showroom using a combination of close-ups, quick cuts, time lapse and slow motion photography paired with a catchy modern tune. It follows a charming woman as she walks through the spacious showroom like it were her own house, with beautiful shots of tiles and stoneware appearing in kitchen, bathroom and outdoor settings.

The advertisement is complemented by internal graphics and an in-store DVD developed by Them Advertising, all of which portray the new showroom as Adelaide’s premier destination for stylish tiles and natural stone products. Together these elements work to encourage South Australians to experience the space for themselves and be truly inspired.

“It was a pleasure to work with Italia Ceramics on this exciting project,” said Mark Wightman, managing director of Them Advertising. “Over the years we’ve built a very strong rapport with this client and it’s great to see our relationship continue to grow.”

The television commercial hits South Australian screens this month, featuring on SBS and the Seven and Ten networks.

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