72andSunny Sydney Enlists The Amish To Promote Upcoming Mona Foma Festival

72andSunny Sydney Enlists The Amish To Promote Upcoming Mona Foma Festival

To announce the launch of the Mona Foma festival in Launceston in January 2019, Mona and 72andSunny Sydney have launched a campaign in one of the most well-known Amish communities in the US, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, inviting Amish youth to this once in a lifetime party.

Mona Foma is a summer coming-of-age story about new experiences in a virgin environment.  In an effort to invite everyone to experience it, 72andSunny Sydney went to the USA to invite those people who will have their minds blown the most – The Amish.

To dramatise the experimental nature of the festival, all Amish who will be entering their ‘Rumspringa’ (the infamous Amish gap year where 18-21-year-olds are allowed to roam the world free of restrictions to gain life experience) are given the opportunity to attend the event for free and accelerate their gap year into three crazy days.

The campaign includes a video invitation from the director of the Festival and Violent Femmes guitarist, Brian Ritchie, an outdoor and country-wide ticketing campaign, and a website where they can redeem their free passes. 

“We think the Amish will really get into this year’s line-up, said Robbie Brammall, director of marketing and communication at Mona. “It’s literally full of stuff they’ve never heard before – like space junk drone house. And guitars. Not sure how many will take up our free ticket offer, but our co-conspirators at 72andSunny said the locals seemed super into the idea when they chatted at the hardware store.”

“Robbie and his team are great partners, said Micah Walker, executive creative director, 72andSunny Sydney. “They’re very clear about what Mona stands for and they’re committed to doing the unexpected.”

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