How Marketing Teams Can Produce Quality Video Fast & Affordably

How Marketing Teams Can Produce Quality Video Fast & Affordably

In this guest post, Daniel Littlepage (pictured below), managing director for Australia & New Zealand at 90 Seconds, explains how marketing teams can produce high-quality video content quickly and without breaking the bank.

Daniel Littlepage

With PWC’s recent Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook report predicting that online video advertising will grow to $2.2 billion in 2020, marketing teams are under increasing pressure to produce more high-quality video that resonates with target audiences.

The biggest challenge for senior marketers is to find the most time and cost-effective way to produce video content. For brands trying to cut through the massive 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute on Youtube and Snapchat, and Facebook accounting for 14 billion video views every day, investing in video production in-house is becoming more expensive.

Bringing video production in-house certainly makes sense when compared to the costs of using agencies, but there is another way. Working with a cloud-based video production platform combined with a marketplace of vetted professional video creators enables marketers to connect with videographers, directors, editors, producers, animators, drone operators and photographers at a fraction of the cost and without the need to hold headcount on your books. If you’re rethinking how you produce your video content, consider the following:


An internal video team of only one or two people can only manage a small volume of projects at any given time. If working in-house, then projects are not being submitted by paying customers and can therefore quickly be bumped for ones that are deemed more important. As skilled as the team may be, long wait times can occur and one pushed due date can have serious trickle on effects. It is extremely difficult to scale without the use of a well thought through workflow and creator base, but there are plenty of brands now producing scalable content with only one person driving content creation.


Purchasing and maintaining equipment is expensive, and this will limit the types of production an internal team can produce. External crews have the right gear for different scale projects, but unless you’re making a constant investment you risk being left behind quickly. The upfront investment is high if you’re trying to resource an in-house team with everything they will need to do a quality job. This is also the case with data storage, an area most often overlooked and it requires expensive and ongoing investment. To make matters even more complex, in-house IT teams aren’t generally up to speed with the required data and tech so you’ll be needing to source expert advice.


Bringing the whole production effort in-house is going to require quiet spaces for editors and producers to work and this is not always compatible with modern open plan environments. You also need to consider if you have enough space to securely store equipment and another quiet area to record voice-overs, hear audio mixes and film.


If your team is in-house, they will frequently have colleagues showing up at their desk at any time of the day asking for “just one more tiny change” to their video that is already in its tenth round of changes. It’s hard to say no, and because internal clients aren’t directly accountable for paying the bill, there is no limit to iterations requested having cost repercussions for your business, not to mention slowing down output. Further, if your business is operating across different geographical regions, you’ll be spending a lot of time and money flying your team around to work.

The dramatic growth in the ‘on-demand’ economy, combined with cloud technologies, has given marketing departments a new way of accessing video creative professionals including videographers, directors, editors, producers, animators, drone operators and photographers. If you’re a marketer looking to do more with your budget, consider using a secure cloud video production marketplace, which can help you create content fast, affordably and retain quality.

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