Marketing To Be Redesigned, Marketo Study Finds

Marketing To Be Redesigned, Marketo Study Finds

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Marketing folk believed the biggest impact on their profession in the next five years will be caused by the internet of things, real-time personalised mobile transactions and wearable technology. Time to get ahead of the pack then.

Marketing departments will be restructured in the next few years to increase the emphasis on revenue generation, managing customer experience, digital engagement and technology, a new study suggests.

Globally, more than four in five marketers surveyed (81 per cent) agreed they needed to “change the structure and design of our marketing organisation to meet the needs of our business over the next three to five years”, according to the Economist Ingelligence Unit’s survey of almost 500 marketers, which was sponsored by global marketing automation company Marketo.

Of those surveyed, two-thirds (69 per cent) said marketing was seen as a revenue-driver today, but 79 per cent said it would be treated that way within three to five years. Two-thirds (68 per cent) also saw marketing as a cost centre today, but slightly fewer (65 per cent) predicted it would be viewed that way in three to five years.

The figures were slightly different in Asia Pacific, with 66 per cent saying marketing was viewed as a revenue driver, but 80 per cent believing it would be seen in that light in the next few years.

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