Study: What Marketers Really Want From An Agency

Study: What Marketers Really Want From An Agency

A new study has delved into the murky waters of marketer/agency relationships and found that creativity still tops the list for winning new business.

The study, albeit a US one, examined the relationships of some 736 brands and their agencies and found that satisfaction levels in the relationship remained surprisingly high.

Brand strategy firm, Provoke Insights, conducted the study and found that although, typically, agency relationships were good, they could quickly sour over things like responsiveness or access to research.

The chief findings of the study include:

• 36 per cent of brands said they outsourced all their marketing and advertising, while 20 per cent had a mix of in-house and outsourcing.

• Typically (some 67 per cent) of companies that hire ad agencies have 500 or more employees (but again, this was a US study).

• The average brand-agency relationship was five years.

• Some 39 per cent of respondents said they were very satisfied with their relationship with their agency. Fifty-six per cent said they were satisfied, two per cent were dissatisfied and a further three per cent said they were very dissatisfied.

• When it came to what marketers wanted most from a pitch, creativity topped the list (50 per cent). Understanding objectives was next (47 per cent), followed by prior experience in the industry (35 per cent), listening to clients (30 per cent) and cost (27 per cent).

• Costs topped the list as to why a company would put an account in review. That was followed by relationships, access to research, responsiveness, marketing effectiveness and prior experience in the industry. Working style and a change in company leadership were nominated as the least likely reason a marketer would switch its agency.


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