Jobs On The Rise: 2021’s Looking Good For Marketers, Digi Pros, Podcasters & Bloggers

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LinkedIn has unveiled its annual Jobs On The Rise report and – despite the usual suspects – it’s good news for those workers who possess digital skills and can work remotely. You can read the report in full here.

As you’d expect, the report was headed by the always in-demand occupations such as health care workers, construction and education jobs.

According to the report, the jobs on the rise refer to positions that have seen the highest growth between April and October 2020 compared to the corresponding period in 2019.

LinkedIn reported it had seen remote job opportunities increase four times since June.

COVID has naturally played a big role in determining which are the hottest jobs. Unsurprisingly, anything to do with ecommerce was in demand and included supply chain assistants, warehouse team leads and online specialists.

When it came to roles more suited to the media and advertising industries, the report noted that digital content freelancers such as podcasters, bloggers and writers could expect to do well in 2021.

Digital marketers could also expect a knock on the door from recruiters with content designers, SEO specialists and social media marketing managers getting plenty of job listings.

Unsurprisingly, anyone with tech skills – backend developers and web developers – were expected to be in demand.

Thinking of a career change but not sure you’ve got the transferable skills? Why not become a coach! Apparently life, business and health coaches will be hot property this year.

The report noted: “One common and overarching trend we have noticed amongst almost all the roles on our list is that almost all may be conducted remotely.

“As a result, workers who are equipped with digital skills, even at a basic level,  will have an edge in finding employment opportunities within these fields.”

According to LinkedIn, these are the 15 careers on the rise for 2021:

  • Mental health specialist
  • Healthcare/medical frontline
  • Social worker
  • Healthcare/medical support
  • Construction worker
  • Customer service
  • Professional and personal coaches
  • Real estate agents and mortgage brokers
  • E-commerce
  • Digital content freelancers – podcaster, blogger, writer
  • Education roles
  • Finance
  • Social media/digital marketing:
  • Specialised engineering roles
  • Cybersecurity roles







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