Mark Latham Responds To Being Behind @RealMarkLatham Trolling Account

Mark Latham Responds To Being Behind @RealMarkLatham Trolling Account

The Verdict might not be the cracking success that Nine hoped for, but at least one good thing has come out of the Q&A spin-off: Mark Latham has admitted he is behind the Twitter account which trolled high-profile female journalists.

Earlier this year Buzzfeed Australia found Latham was trolling high-profile Australian women under the Twitter account @RealMarkLatham. He tweeted abusive comments to women such as Mia Freedman, Catherine McGregor, Annabel Crab, Leigh Sales, Tara Moss, Anne Summers and Lisa Pryor. Latham eventually resigned from his regular column at the Australian Financial Review

Here are just some of the harassment @TheRealMarkLatham dished out:


Latham flat out denied he was behind the Twitter account, claiming he was “Bachir Mustaffa, taxi driver extraordinaire, writing these Tweets with my one good arm.”

The second episode of The Verdict lost 153,000 viewers, posting a metro audience of 369,000, according to OzTAM figures. During the episodehost Karl Stefanovic questioned Latham on his social media activity. Stefanovic asked “Was the real Mark Latham #TheRealMarkLatham?” and if he had to resign from the Australian Financial Review because of his past Twitter account:

In response to Stefanovic’s questions, the real Mark Latham said:

“In November last year and again in January this year, The Australian reported that I was tweeting, and from that point on it became a case study of a bunch of silly journalists and some other people beating themselves up on Twitter with ‘is @therealmarklatham the real Mark Latham?’

“100 per cent I’m here. I’m the real Mark Latham,” said the real Mark Latham.

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