Mark Bouris On the Power of Being Entitled, Empowered & Enabled

Mark Bouris On the Power of Being Entitled, Empowered & Enabled

Mark Bouris, the man who famously sold his mortgage business to the Packers, is fabulously not critical of the internet age we are in and he took the stage to tell us why.

While plenty of traditional businessmen like to roll their eyes about smartphones, Bouris is excited by them. He sees technology as a disruption: the kind that creates exciting change.

Bouris believes that disruption is causing young people to feel empowered, enabled and entitled. This results in the rise of entrepreneurs. Hence why phrases like side hustle have become part of our vocabulary.

Bouris defines being an entrepreneur as “The process of taking an idea and turning it into an outcome.”

So, what triggers people’s interest in creating something of their own? Bouris puts it down to stimulation.

“It can be driven by motivation, or it could be that you get annoyed by something, and you think there’s a better way to solve this,” Bouris said.

“As a human race, we are always looking for a better solution.”

So, if being entrepreneurial is part of the human condition, why is there suddenly an influx?

Bouris explained it’s thanks to technology: “Years ago, we might have an idea but then we’d go back to our normal daily business and forget about it, we’d get distracted”.

“But today, distractions like the internet distract us from our usual routine,” he said.

“If we weren’t being distracted by our devices, we wouldn’t be seeing the innovation we see today. We wouldn’t think, ‘I’m going to start up a side hustle’. Years, ago we’d just turn on the television instead.”

Of course, Bouris is aware it’s not enough just to have an idea, you also need a vision, a plan and all those other practical things.

Still, having the idea in the first place is the spark that has launched countless entrepreneurs’ success stories.

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