Marie Kondo: Less Stuff. More Joy & Life Changing

Marie Kondo: Less Stuff. More Joy & Life Changing

The Lumiere theatre was a buzz with excitement in anticipation of tidy guru Marie Kondo taking the stage. She has taken the Japanese art of minimalism to mass scale, through her Netflix series which is based on her New York times best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Marie’s mystical mantra “Does it spark joy?” has inspired millions to confront their possessions and let go of anything that no longer serves them.

People around the world are now obsessed with Marie – and her KonMari Method – for simplifying their lives and unlocking happiness.  She was joined on stage with her husband Takumi Kawahara who is also working on their lifestyle brand with her. Their purpose is to “Organise the World; Inspiring the world to choose joy”.

There are countless stories shared on Instagram on how the experience of putting the KonMari Method into practice, has indeed changed lives. It’s inspired the movement of moderation, finding sublime in smaller, simpler and slower living. Feeling unencumbered in our lives and in our environment, can free our minds to think and create, said Takumi.

Marie talked about how, by tidying up our environment, “it is a way to more away from having an attachment to the past, and anxiety about the future. It enables you to discover your centre, what you truly want to do and be in your life.” It helps guide your decisions in life and the choices we make. It can affect your food choices, what job you have, who you are in relationship with and where you want to life. These are life changing moments!

So, what is the KonMari Method?

It encourages tidying our homes (or offices) by category not location, beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and finally, sentimental items. Keep only those things that speak to the heart, discard items that no longer spark joy.

While Marie describes how to declutter your house physically, she says her tidying technique enables you to acquire the mindset needed to stay tidy forever. She is about making tidying fun and a “special event” and not a regular chore.

She also talks about the importance of ritual in life in particular show gratitude to what you have and in your environment.

Marie is testament that these qualities can be transformation, given her calm, elegant and almost spiritual demeanour.

Places of work can no doubt benefit from people who have been KonMari-ed as they will have individuals who are calmer, more creative and higher levels of well-being. Perhaps this is the answer to creating great places of work!

Marie was a joy to watch and listen to and I can’t wait to get home to tidy! Beware children, she is launching a new book next year that teaches children how to tidy from toddler age.  Perhaps this behavioural change in the current generation, coupled with teaching the skills and habits at an early age will indeed perpetuate the Moderation Movement, that is so desperately needed in today’s consumer driven world. That’s joyous news.




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