Marie Claire Review Of “Overly-Manly” Dunkirk Slammed As “Moronic”

Marie Claire Review Of “Overly-Manly” Dunkirk Slammed As “Moronic”

A film reviewer for US Marie Claire is in a spot of bother for labelling the new Dunkirk film as being for men-only and lacking the portrayal of any women or “any other marginalised group”.

The film, which has been lauded as one of the greatest war movies ever made, focuses on the evacuation of British and Allied soldiers from the French coastline during the early stages of World War II in 1940.


However, reviewer Mehera Bonner (above) appeared to miss the point and the historical significance, describing the epic as “an excuse for men to celebrate maleness – which apparently they don’t get to do enough.” You can read Bonner’s full review here.

“I Think Dunkirk was mediocre at best, and it’s not because I’m some naive woman who doesn’t get it,” Bonner wrote. “But my main issue with Dunkirk is that it’s so clearly designed for men to man-out over. And look, it’s not like I need every movie to have strong female leads.”

However, many have described Bonner’s review as insensitive and ignorant to history. And, as you’d expect, social media is going to town on the young film scribe. Read some of the hate below:

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