March One Offers Free Ad Campaigns To Charities

March One Offers Free Ad Campaigns To Charities

Indepedent ad agency March One is helping retail marketers deliver a social return on investment this season, offering free campaigns to charities with every retail campaign booked – including for this Christmas.

With over 10 years background in retail design, working with FOXTEL, Virgin Mobile and Krispy Kreme, March One is also a specialist in the not-for-profit space with clients including UNICEF, White Ribbon, Children’s Medical Research Institute and Cancer Society NZ.

March One owner and creative director Ben Coverdale believes the agency is poised to offer retail marketers a genuine ethical option to rolling out their campaigns – one that leads to both retail sales and a measurable difference being made to the world.

“To thrive in today’s business climate, you need to uncover new ways to deliver on an organisation’s social goals, which is then passed down to customers,” he said.

“Through March One, marketers can align their campaigns to achieve a wider purpose such as provide food and water to impoverished children, fight domestic violence, help cure cancer, feed homeless, or a make a social impact through their own charity. That’s the reality we’re taking about here”

The idea is based on Toms Shoes’ philosophy of ‘One to One’ and is part of a wider push for all organisations –including ad agencies – to deliver a social return on investment along with a financial one.

“Until now, our industry has defined ethical as doing no harm – that is, an agency may say they’re carbon-neutral, or use sustainable practices to appease their clients,” Coverdale said.

“What we’re talking about today is positive action – helping organisations change the world in line with their goals.

“I have a vision where retail marketers enjoy increased sales because they recognise that today’s modern consumer are looking for products that offer social impact because they genuinely want to feel they are doing something good when purchasing a product. Through March One, this could now be a reality.”

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