Massive Marketing Mistakes And How To Learn From Them

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Forbes has compiled a set of some of the biggest marketing mistakes over the years. Don't be a twit and repeat some of these.

Marketing is as old as beer – or at least as old as the Stella Artois brand, which goes back to 1366.

Beer aside, there is nothing frothy about the marketing of brands, products and services in today’s business world, especially in the digital marketing world where it’s now possible to market your business simply with a professional podcast.

Brands of all sizes are constantly looking for new ways to market their wares, if you will. And some are taking the no holds barred approach such as Smart DNS Proxy, whose CEO sums up his marketing tactics with the motto “No More Restrictions!” His team is using graphics, live chat, and testimonials on their website to market not only their brand, but to stir up engagement and curiosity.

Of course to err is human, right? And a smart marketer learns from his or her mistakes, right?

Here are 7 of them that might make any marketing guru blush:

1. In 1911 the Titanic was marketed as “unsinkable’. Passengers must have felt awfully smug as they boarded her in South Hampton on their way across the Atlantic to New York City. The White Star Line, who owned the Titanic, went so far as to skimp on the life jackets and life boats.  Why bother? After all, they wouldn’t be needed. After it was all over, engineers learned how to reinforce ship hulls to make such a catastrophe less possible, and no shipping line ever again used the world “unsinkable” in their advertising.

2. In 1915 Winston Churchill decided that in order to end the First World War a major thrust through Turkey was needed to bring a swift and decisive victory. He lobbied the War Office with his plan to attack southern Turkey around the Dardanelles. It didn’t work, and total Allied casualties were around 78-thousand. Churchill was demoted and sent to the trenches in France. He learned his lesson. During World War Two Churchill managed to get Turkey on OUR side instead.

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