Mamamia: The Super Channel For Women

Mamamia: The Super Channel For Women

The latest Nielsen figures tell a very clear story about who’s winning the attention of Australian women.

Despite facebook’s ‘algogeddon,’ Mamamia has emerged as the #1 women’s media brand with a monthly unique audience of 2.6m (females 18+), 4m (all people), as well as being the category’s #1 on Apple News, #1 for social followers and interaction, and #1 for podcast listeners.

Mamamia is leading the way with women’s podcasting by world standards, not just Australia, with over 51m downloads and counting.

Due to popular demand, four podcast shows (Mamamia Out Loud, No Filter, Lady Start Up and You Beauty) are now also touring LIVE, as well as featuring across all editorial and social channels.

Co-founder and chief creative officer, Mia Freedman, says: “I am more excited about where things are headed than I’ve ever been.

“This has been a big year of growth for us, not just in an upwards way but outwards as well.

“We’ve really expanded the ways we reach women into so many new areas including events, business education, small business promotion, ecommerce, an influencer marketing agency and an ambitious plan to put philanthropy as a driving force behind our strategy over the next few years.”

Incoming chief revenue and operations officer Tony Prentice said: “The new Nielsen Digital Content Ratings (DCR) need to be put in context.

“While they don’t yet include our extensive audiences across Apple News, MSN and podcasts, we welcome the progress and fact that Mamamia’s number one position in the women’s digital media sector is verified.”

Tony also makes the observation: “The noise from the IAB around lack of facebook video time qualifiers, doesn’t add up.

“Because currently, the same video on large publisher websites (the publishers who control the IAB) is also not subject to time qualifiers, and yet they count them.

“For the record, our position is that time qualifiers are good and we look forward to them being applied when that is done fairly across everything, and we would be happy for it to be applied across all content, not just video.”

Mia puts the success down to what has always driven Mamamia’s success with women.

“We don’t really think of what we do as creating content. We create conversations between women, and our voice has always been, will always be, candid.

“We’re surrounded by even more white noise these days than when we started, but it makes the honesty, frankness and sincerity we strive for all the more relevant. Plus the humanisation of tech continues to play to our strengths, of course.”

CEO Jason Lavigne said: “Mamamia is the super channel for women, starting candid conversations across 360° of their lives. From dawn to dusk, on whatever screen – and earphone – they want, on whatever topic they want to talk about.”

In the past week, Mamamia has hosted Germaine Greer and Olivia Newton-John in the office for candid interviews, conducted a worldwide exclusive podcast with Serena Williams, and launched the new novel written by Content Director, and best-selling author, Holly Wainwright.

All the while LIVE touring its iTunes award-winning Mamamia Out Loud, where it’s hosting its industry Upfronts.

That’s your typical Mamamia week.

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