Magazine Readers Spend 29% More On Their Interests Than Average Aussie: Study

Magazine Readers Spend 29% More On Their Interests Than Average Aussie: Study

According to a new study from the Magazine Networks, the masthead brands transcend boundaries, and are fighting fit for 2017.

The survey, run by Fiftyfive5 and including 2,276 female Australians, showed that 63 per cent of those who claim to read a print mag every month also read an online title once a month too. Similarly, 77 per cent of those reading online publications every month are doing the same and sussing out a print product in the same period.

But print alone can’t hold a candle to power of print and digital combined, a common trend that’s seen magazines expand their brands in the past few years.

The survey showed that readers are 24 per cent more likely to be influenced by recommended or featured products if their reading spans both print and online, as opposed to just print.

It also showed readers feel more positive about magazines if they get their goss from both sources rather than just one.

As it turns out, magazine readers are also more coveted for advertisers, spending 29 per cent more dollars on their interests than the average Aussie. Online readers are particularly valuable, spending 40 per cent more on their interests. They also trump audiences of radio, TV and newspaper, per the survey.

If the results are to be believed, magazine readers are also huge social media fiends, meaning they’re sharing their consumer opinions far and wide throughout their network.

The survey showed readers are 38 per cent more likely to get vocal about products on social media than other internet users, 36 per cent more likely to place importance on brand choice, and 17 per cent more likely to tell others about new products.

On par with avid blog readers, 69 per cent of the magazine aficionados claim that “when they find a new product I really like I have to tell others about it”, beating other internet and social media users.

That being said, however, the study did find that loyalty and trust lies within hard copy pages. Magazine readers are more than twice as likely to trust what they read and see in magazines than on social media.

Print magazine readers spend on average one hour, 17mins reading each edition, with two in three reading at least 70 per cent of the content.

Per the study, online magazine readers browse for an average of 42 minutes, reading on average 5.4 articles per visit, while 74 per cent of online magazine readers browse beyond their initial interest.

On the print side, the survey respondents claim each edition of a magazine is picked up and read on average 2.7 times, with 74 per cent of readers recalling at least one ad from the issue, with this number crawling with each added read.

The survey also pointed to the figure that of 73 per cent of magazine readers believe the featured and recommended products are curated to suit them, while at least 59 per cent have been influenced by the ads they see in the mag.

Magazine Networks also claims from the study that magazines are 77 per cent more critical to building confidence in products than social media, with two-thirds of readers encouraged to consider products featured in mags.


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