Macquarie Radio’s Ray Hadley “Bans Boring Scott Morrison For Treating Him Like An Idiot”

Macquarie Radio’s Ray Hadley “Bans Boring Scott Morrison For Treating Him Like An Idiot”

Macquarie Radios’ Ray Hadley has had an one-air hissy fit this morning after the show’s regular guest, treasurer Scott Morrison, allegedly stood him up in favour of a rival radio program.

The two have often had a fractious on-air relationship despite the treasurer appearing each week on the 2GB show for the past four years that is also broadcast Australia-wide.

Hadley unloaded on Morrison calling him “boring” and treating him “like an idiot” after Morrison said he couldn’t appear on Hadley’s program because he was “travelling” only for him to be interviewed by ABC radio in its Melbourne studios.

“He’s lied to me, or his staff have lied,” Hadley fumed on-air. “If he wants to dud me then he’ll get dudded every chance he gets.

“The regular chat with the Treasurer is now abandoned. He can seek someone else out to have a talk to. I don’t think I’ll waste my time having Scott Morrison on the program every Monday morning. Because I’m afraid I don’t like being lied to.’’

Hadley added that the Treasurer rarely said anything of interest any more, adding, “he’s full of platitudes, and every time we talk about the opinion polls … he waxes lyrical.’’

Hadley – a supporter of previous prime minister Tony Abbott – had an apparent falling out with Morrison who he believed had backed Malcolm Turnbull when he rolled Abbott in 2015. Hadley added that be believed Morrison didn’t want to be interviewed on his program following Turnbull’s recent poor opinion polls.

“If he’s got half an hour to spend with (the ABC’s) Jon Faine he’s got 20 minutes to spend with my listeners. All good things come to an end,” Hadley told his listeners.

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