Macca’s Straight Out Rejects Burger King’s McWhopper Collaboration

Macca’s Straight Out Rejects Burger King’s McWhopper Collaboration

Burger King has been shut down by competitor McDonald’s after BK proposed a collaboration between the fast food chains to celebrate UN-sanctioned, anti-conflict Peace Day.

The proposal was outlined on the McWhopper tumblr page: “Burger King genuinely wants to unite with McDonald’s on September 21st 2015, to prepare and serve the McWhopper and get the world talking about Peace Day. Naturally we’ll only proceed if you’re on board, so we created this site to help you better understand our proposal and realise the potential.”

Burger King even took out full-page ads in The New York Times and Chicago Tribune proposing the collaboration.

The ‘McWhopper’ campaign included a detailed marketing outline including a TVC, staff uniforms, pop-up restaurant design, location, recipe and packaging:

images-article-2015-08-26-Screen+Shot+2015-08-27+at+8.19.19+am images-article-2015-08-26-Screen+Shot+2015-08-27+at+8.19.33+am images-article-2015-08-26-Screen+Shot+2015-08-27+at+8.23.09+am

In response to the proposal, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook threw some major shade towards Burger King on Macca’s Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.18.18 AM

The shade of it all.





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