Macca’s 4000 Limited Big Mac Sauce Bottles Fly Out Doors In 15 Minutes

Macca’s 4000 Limited Big Mac Sauce Bottles Fly Out Doors In 15 Minutes

Saturday nights are crazy for a lot of reasons, but last Saturday was especially nuts, when Macca’s limited edition Big Mac Special Sauce bottles were snapped up at lightning speed around the country.

Only releasing 4000 bottles at 40 of its restaurants around the country, the bottles were never expected to last long, and true to form, they sold out in just 15 minutes.

Smart thinkers and entrepreneurs alike jumped on the opportunity, snatching up the sauces and selling them on auction sites like Gumtree for 20 times the retail price.


One Gumtree user, known only as Luke in Tasmania wrote:

“This Big Mac special sauce tastes so good I just had to share it with you! Brand new and sealed for freshness.”

This isn’t the first time Maccas has bottled the special sauce. Last year, McDonald’s sold a number of limited edition bottles on eBay, some of which went for as much as $18,000, with the money going to the Ronald McDonald House charity.

“We had plenty of Aussies ask us where they could get bottles of our special sauce from, so we’re extremely excited to be able to again give Australians what they want,” McDonald’s senior marketing director Paul Tredinnick said in the lead up to Saturday’s midnight sale.

“Australians can now use our iconic Big Mac sauce wherever, whenever they want, and on everything from sausages to steak, or even a roast.

“Given how creative people got with the tubs of sauce last year, I can’t wait to see our customers’ Big Mac sauce experiments.”

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