Lovatts Media Launches Mindfulness & Wellbeing Magazine For Aussie Teens

Lovatts Media Launches Mindfulness & Wellbeing Magazine For Aussie Teens

‘Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Yourself.’ These are the motivational adages that adorn the cover of Teen Breathe, the new mindfulness and wellbeing magazine for young Australians. 

In an era that sees print media softening, the launch of a print magazine itself may raise eyebrows, let alone one aimed at a digitally-inclined demographic thought to have their noses buried in their phones rather than anything with ink pressed on paper. 

The assumption however that teenagers don’t like or want to read magazines has never been less true, as the country’s youth continue to seek a positive and inspiring place to turn to for advice. 

Teenagers are in search of a trusted source to engage with that can speak to what they’re going through in both the real world and the virtual realm, and with many issues facing our youth, Teen Breathe shines a light in the darkness and provides the simple tools needed; the ability to be happy, be brave, be kind, and be themselves. 

Following in the footsteps of older sibling title BreatheTeen Breathe promotes mindfulness as the basis of a happier, healthier, more authentic life. 

A bi-monthly lifestyle title published by Lovatts Media, Teen Breathe encompasses adolescent interests in an open and thoughtful way – from sport and crafting to health and friendship, social media and everything in between. 

While other teen titles are pushing the need to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, the newest beauty fads, or which celebrities are dating, Teen Breathe is a refocus on the individual and their world. 

Issue one has crafts and activities sprinkled throughout, and plenty of ways to uncover the artist within. 

One of Lovatts’ core beliefs is that magazines shouldn’t be heavily diluted with ads, and that extends to Teen Breathe. 

After receiving a myriad of enquiries about the impending release of the youth-oriented spin off title of Breathe, editor Madison White is beyond delighted Teen Breathe has finally arrived. 

“Australian teens need a magazine like this. Teen Breathe offers a whole new way of looking at the world all the while celebrating individuality and all the little things that make us unique,” she said. 

“It’s authentic, relevant, and unlike any other teen magazine in the marketplace. I only wish something as profound as Teen Breathe existed when I was a teenager.” 

Teen Breathe Magazine Australia is on sale now at newsagents and Woolworths stores. 

It is also available for purchase online at www.breathemagazine.com.au.

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