London Cereal Cafe Attacked By Anti-Gentrification Protestors

London Cereal Cafe Attacked By Anti-Gentrification Protestors

A hipster cafe in East London which sells only bowls of cereal has been graffitied by anti-gentrification protesters over the weekend.

Cereal Killer sells over 120 different types of cereal from around the world. The cafe has come under criticism because it charges AUD$6.50 for a bowl of cereal

Hundreds of protestors attacked the east London store on Saturday night, writing the world ‘scum’ on the window and throwing paint on the shop walls.

“Staff and customers unharmed,” the cafe owners tweeted. “Although children were in the cafe, mob still around so stay away from Shoreditch.”

The group, F**K Parade London, who attacked Cereal Killer was apparently organised by an anarchist group Class War. On its Facebook page Class War said:

“Our communities are being ripped apart – by Russian oligarchs, Saudi Sheiks, Israeli scumbag property developers, Texan oil-money twats and our own home-grown Eton toffs.

“Soon this City will be an unrecognisable, bland, yuppie infested wasteland with no room for normal (and not so normal) people like us.”

According to the UK Police: “On Saturday, October 26, police officers dealt with disorder arising from a pre-planned even in the Shoreditch area.

“From around 20:00hrs, a criminal element within a group of several hundred people threw missiles and caused criminal damage to shops and other businesses in and around Brick Lane, E2.

“The group continued to move around the Shoreditch and Brick Lane area until around 00:30hrs on Sunday, 27 October.

“One officer suffered a minor injury to his face as a result of a bottle thrown. One person has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.”


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