LiveRamp Announces Data Network Partnership With illion

LiveRamp Announces Data Network Partnership With illion

Data provider illion has joined the LiveRamp Data Network as a data partner.

The introduction of illion to the programme continues to build out the local LiveRamp Data Network.

The LiveRamp Data Network is a platform that provides customers with a gateway to unique datasets with a single integration. Access to the network facilitates more effective campaign targeting and insightful audience intelligence, as it enables users to organise, group, and access ethically sourced data from a global pool, connected by IdentityLinks.

This provides a simplified workflow to find, enrich, and activate data tailored to customers’ needs, and affords marketers robust business-to-business data for better customer segmentation and targeting.

The addition of illion to the LiveRamp Data Network will afford partners the opportunity to use the data for ad targeting, audience extension, and campaign analytics. Users can now take advantage of illion’s unique, extensive, and expanding data set, which includes 37 million consumer links, all profiled with 100+ data attributes.

The partnership provides users with access to standard segments – which allow brands to create targeted marketing campaigns, and custom segments – which leverages illion’s proprietary data and analytics, and 100+ data attributes to produce custom audiences tailored to requirements, ensuring maximum ROI is achieved for campaigns. To add to this, illion is the sole company within Australia to provide specific brand names within segments. This enables clients who access illion’s data to target consumers within marketing campaigns with unmatched accuracy and effectiveness.

illion director data analytics & insights Nicholas Robinson said: “We are thrilled to join the LiveRamp Data Network, which will simplify and expedite the way businesses and customers can create audiences. With this partnership we can manage the organisation, access and operation of our data across platforms, publishers, agencies, brands and data companies in a safe and secure manner. As a Data Network partner, we are excited to join other organisations that gather, analyse, and process data ethically.”

LiveRamp country manager ANZ Natalya Pollard added: “We are excited about this partnership and leveraging the data illion has to offer our customers and prospects. The purpose of the Data Network is to provide our customers with responsibly sourced data, and with the addition of illion to this group, we are living up to this promise and ensuring customers will have a wealth of valuable data at their fingertips with which they can enrich their campaigns.”


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