Lingerie Brand Praised For Using Models With A Variety Of Medical Conditions

Lingerie Brand Praised For Using Models With A Variety Of Medical Conditions

US lingerie brand Aerie is landing itself plenty of platitudes after its latest campaign featured a number of models with disabilities and medical issues.

Aerie, a sub-brand of retailer American Eagle, has used a diverse range of models with a range of disabilities that include one with her colostomy bag on show, another with diabetes, an arm crutch, the skin disease vitiligo, a down syndrome Paralympian and a cancer survivor for good measure.

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And fans of the brand have taken to social media to applaud Aerie for the brave campaign.

One posted: “You have no idea how nice it is to see type 1 diabetes not be the centre of a stupid joke, cruel insult, or really cheesy video game. Feels like I’ve been waiting since the 90s for that.”

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Another added: “I’ve had an ostomy for 20 years and it’s amazing to see someone proudly showing it off. Now if we can just get the ostomy companies to start making better “skin tone” colours for people of colour!”

While another penned: “The arm crutches make me really emotional, seeing someone like me wow, this is so so cool.”

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    1. If this brand didn’t have the conscious values behind everything they do, the risk here with a campaign entirely around people with health conditions and disability could have been pushing it a bit – trying a bit hard for the sake of sensationalism. This in turn could have been exploiting people in minority. I’m all for doing good, but love the intentions to be solid behind it too. This brand does work authentically in line with this campaign through many other conscious business practices including sourcing practices, empowering women, equality, youth work, social responsibility and community funding. This isn’t just for the sake of sensationalism and attention – thank Goodness!

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