Lil Nas X Parodies ‘Nike’ Court Case In New Music Video Teaser

Lil Nas X Parodies ‘Nike’ Court Case In New Music Video Teaser

Singer Lil Nas X has cleverly parodied a ‘Nike’ Court Case in a just-released teaser for his latest music video.

Earlier this year and to promote his single, Call Me By Your Name, Lil Nas X teamed up with MSCHF to sell 666 pairs of Nike Air Maxes that were modified with Satan references and nicknamed ‘Satan sneakers’ 

The Satan sneakers sold out in less than a minute.

Nike then sued MSCHF over the shoes claiming copyright infringement, however, they reached a settlement.

Lil Nas X was not even named in the suit.

Still, that has not stopped the singer from using the sneaker brand Nike as a marketing tool to promote his latest song.

Lil Nas X has spent the last week on TikTok referring to the faux court case. Implying the shoe brand has taken him to court, over the infamous ‘Satan sneakers.’

Despite the lawsuit already being settled.


♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x


♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x

However, all the TikTok references made sense when Lil Nas X debuted a music video teaser for his new song Industry Baby.

The clip featured the singer parodying the supposed court case.

The judge played by Lil Nas X , said: “I’m doing this little court case for Nike.”

A lawyer, also played by Lil Nas X, then said: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury this about much more than shoes, Lil Nas X are you gay?”

While the teaser of the music video serves to make a point about Lil Nas X’s sexuality, it also serves as a great way to gain publicity for his new single, and whether Nike likes it or not — the sneaker brand is along for the ride.

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